isle lands

As part of the LEADER+ program, ‘Nisson Periplous’ is a book project by the Development Agencies Network of Insular Greece, which was founded by 11 local action groups in insular areas of Greece (Ionian islands, Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and North-East Aegean).

Through the book, we wanted to show the “other” face of the Greek islands, once the tourist season has faded away. The grey-blue sky became our background, and local life our filter.
The book consists of 141 pictures, carefully selected among the 10.000 originals taken for this project.

Between all of the traveling (facing the Mediterranean sea in the winter where the boat connections were entirely dependant on the winds), taking pictures, researching, writing, post-production, layout, and printing the project took an entire year.

Together with the book, we created a 10 minute video that shows the 10.000 original pictures.
When watching it, it’s hard not to be stirred by the beauty of the year-long journey in the middle of the Greek winter, portraying the islands being returned to their locals.