Cretan Mythos

There’s just something special about that first whiff of a freshly opened bottle of pure extra virgin olive oil.
When Cretan Mythos asked us to help them rebrand and relaunch their range of olive oils produced in Crete, it didn’t take long for us to jump aboard. (We may have asked for a bottle of two but don’t tell anyone.)

Our primary source of inspiration came from the archetype of the village, where the olive oil is produced just like they did in old times; pure, authentic, and naturally delicious.

From one product category to another, the packaging tells the story of how the oil goes from olive tree to nutritious condiment.
The story starts with the PGI and PDO oils in the Cretan villages, depicted by the famous landmarks of each area. From there, we see the people of the town involved in the traditional production process representing the classic and organic oils. Lastly, for the infused oils, balsamic vinegar, and vinaigrette sauces, illustrations of characteristic Cretan herbs and other ingredients give you a visual hint of what you can expect to taste.

To capture the rawness of Cretan rural life, we used the engraving technique, visually hinting at the ‘back to the roots’ style of olive oil production.
The color white is ever present on all of the packagings to connote the purity of the products. As for the logo, we used an element of Minoan art, the lily, in the backdrop of the characteristic brown of the ceramics of the era.

The result is a fresh packaging design that tells a story and communicates pure products and a love for olive oil.