Minoan Spora

We went back to our Cretan roots for this one.

Minoan Spora is a range of products from the island of Crete, including olive oil, herbs, infusions, honey, olives, rusks, and cookies, inspired by the authentic Minoan diet which is famous across the world for its health benefits.

We were asked to create branding and packaging design that would appeal to Greek and international markets.

We used the elegant Minoan jewelry as our sources of inspiration, seeing the Cretan products as natural jewels.
This led to the development of the slogan: ‘The jewels of Minoan land.”
To reflect this, we worked with a color palette that mostly refers to the frescos and archaeological findings from this era; however, earth tones were also used to represent the Cretan land.

We wanted the design to be meaningful as well as beautiful, so we created geometric patterns (inspired by the jewelry) to depict the ingredients of each of the products in the range.
Every product is part of this distinctive visual identity that makes the Minoan Spora stand out on the shelves.

The result is a meaning and artistic blend of past and present — the authentic Minoan jewelry in its dietary form.
Winner of the German Design Award 2018