Sikinnis is a newly founded Dance and Performing Arts Centre.

Dedicated to experimentation and research, Sikinnis aims to promote artistic expression and facilitate the creation of a passionate human network.

Konstantinos Tsakirelis, the founder behind this project, is a renowned choreographer and accomplished dance instructor who aspires to house and share his love for dance and the performing arts through regular classes and practices, workshops, performances, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and much more.

The name of the centre, Sikinnis, refers to the dance of the chorus in the ancient greek satyric drama. A loud and fast dancing to the sounds of lyre or flute. 

This contemporary establishment asked for a boldly designed logo. Movement was, of course, one of the main concepts that our design had to represent but we wanted to emphasize the idea of a strong structure as well. A sturdy castle that could provide shelter to all kinds of expressions of the performing arts. The idea that helped us reconcile the flow of movement with the rigidness of a building was joints. We treated every turn of the heavy type forms as pivot points, giving the final structure a sense of movement caught in a snapshot rather than looking overly static.

Complementing this structural design with organic-looking and gestural illustrations brings a really appealing contrast but it also provides a personal touch by depicting characters from Kostantinos' past performances.
A choice that seemed rather fitting for the first phase of this brand identity.

The initial applications presented here, compose the basic set of stationery including business cards, envelopes, and letterhead alongside some promotional material.

More applications soon to be revealed. 

Photography by: Nikolas Leventakis | Production by: Sikinnis