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FORTY HERBS is the revival of a traditional herbal tea recipe that passes down through generations in Crete, Greece.

For centuries, a mix of forty kinds of herbs and greens was used as a natural remedy for all kinds of diseases and was believed to prolong life. Nowadays the name Forty Herbs has become an umbrella term for potable botanical extracts. Inspired by this great old tradition, a new version was created blending nine organic native herbs.

Tasty while healthy, FORTY HERBS is the perfect alternative to your good old-fashioned drinks and refreshments. With respect to the everlasting wisdom of tradition, it holds the herbs’ natural characteristics in terms of taste, aroma, and color with no additives, sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives. Right before bottling, a touch of carbonation adds a sparkle to this special drinking experience.

Concept-wise, it’s all about the mouth effect FORTY HERBS give you; healthy with a playful, bubbly twist, illustrated in a vintage style through a contemporary humorous way.
Different characters from indigenous animals to mythical creatures symbolize the tea's scrumptious taste and health benefits can be enjoyed by literally everyone! 

Following the company’s export plans, FORTY HERBS' labels will host many different creatures and characters from different geographical regions. So, our very first label reflects back on the island of Crete, the land of origin of the Forty Herb's recipe. And it couldn’t be anything else than the kri-kri (capra aegagrus creticus), a wild goat that can be found only in Crete. 
One of the future characters that our labels will host is the Green Man, a legendary being that represents the celebration of new life. Present in many cultures around the world, he is a symbol of rebirth and is often used as a decorative architectural ornament. Here, the Green Man comes bearing herbs as our tribute to nature and spring.
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packaging, bottle, can, illustrations of a wild goat
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