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Switch Asia is an inspiring new project that facilitates sustainable tourism in Central Asia.
Valuable more than ever, such projects support emerging destinations to develop their hospitality sector in a balanced manner- by supporting their local economies while protecting local communities, heritage and sites.

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are the beneficiaries of the programme.

Getting inspired by the countries’ cultures, we created a visual identity that both honors the countries involved and clearly states their shared qualities.
We started with distinct kaleidoscopes built by each country’s characteristic symbols and further developed the identity with a color palette that matches each country’s flag. The geometric form of arabesque decorations was our main inspiration and the building block for the three kaleidoscopic designs. In this way, each country gets a ‘personalised’ part of the visual identity for presentations, banners, etc. Since most of the applications are used for communicational reasons, we decided to keep the overall design visually minimal. The final result has a plethora of applications including the program’s website as well as printed material, banners and posters.


Colours and landmark illustrations of Uzbekistan
Colours and landmark illustrations of Kazakhstan
Colours and landmark illustrations of Tajikistan
most Stationery part of the visual identity
most tote bag with details
most poster design
most web design based on the visual identity