Lazy snail

Hi there!
We are Lazy snail Design, a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals devoted to graphic design, branding, illustration, and photography with a passion not just for great results, but for creating the best possible process to get there as well.

We’re a multi-awarded design agency with offices in Copenhagen Denmark and Heraklion Greece, with a love for visual identity, and packaging and communication design.

Our mission is simple: to help our clients reach and influence their intended audience through meaningful design and communication.

What Defines Us
Geeks with Passion for Design and Performance
We’re geeks with a passion for creating designs based on strong ideas, and we love what we do! If art is all about freedom of expression, then we are definitely not artists. We love the problem-solving aspect of our craft, and we thrive on restrictions! Our focus is to generate persuasive and gripping design concepts to reach out and leave a lingering impression into the mind of your target audience.

The Best of Both Worlds
We are a Danish agency with a Greek family. The DNA of both worlds — minimal and maximal — flows freely throughout our work, enabling us to reach out and design for different cultures all around the world, depending on the nature of the project at hand.

Our clients include the private and public sectors, non-profit organizations and numerous cultural initiatives across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Think big, work smart
We are in the business of ideas and visual communication. Unlike other jobs, a larger workforce doesn’t always mean better results. We believe that a small, carefully selected group of talented individuals genuinely working together, is capable of producing excellent results. This is precisely what you are getting by choosing us.

What Defines Our Work
The Big Idea
We feel that every design should have a robust Big Idea at its core. This big idea should be simple yet potent and needs to be clearly expressed in the design to leave a lasting impression.

We believe in leaving a better future for our children and future generations. The concept of eco-effective packaging inspires our design efforts and values. Our mission is to design packaging that actively supports the environment while achieving its business goals wherever possible.

We have worked on large FMCG companies, large-scale projects, coordinating many partners and handling numerous and complex deliverables; but also on small projects that require a more customized approach. We have thus learned how to achieve results within any budget, large or limited. While it’s nice to get a shiny trophy and a round of applause from peers, the real buzz in our line of work is finding great solutions for our clients.