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Cyberlogic is a leading travel technology company digitizing DMC*s through innovating solutions and services.
Their vision is to expand their global footprint as a leading travel tech company and successfully establish DMCs as major players in the global market. 

Our task was to create a new visual identity that reflects their passion for evolution on a global scale, providing innovative digitization and automation solutions for the travel industry. 

We repositioned and redesigned their visual identity from scratch with a fresh digital expression that truly expresses the company’s values and future plans. We crafted a dynamic identity starting from the logo representing the monitor, the window, the frame, and the company’s digital products. These products that every DMC is using every day to create experiences not only for their customers but also for us, as travellers. 

Colour wise, we went with the Triadic colour harmony that gives a quite vibrant result. A result that compliments the honesty, transparency, and commitment to the company’s values. Furthermore, we developed a large system of icons to go straight to the point of the company’s groundbreaking IT solutions. Also, the boldness and the slight curves of the typeface used, express the company’s flexibility. 

Working with tourism expertise copywriters, we developed a tone of voice for a consistent and trustworthy communication. Maybe you have noticed that travel specialists use a very unique communication system among them, including lingo, terms, definitions, and acronyms. 

Designed with simplicity yet with a distinctive style, Cyberlogic’s website cyberlogic.gr presents the company’s new strategy and identity on every page. Fresh, bold, but with a friendly essence, brings forward the company’s core capacity and innovative products. 

* Destination management companies
  • cyberlogic logo design on blue background
    Cyberlogic new logo design cyberlogic logo design on blue background
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    Cyberlogic new logo design cyberlogic logo design on green background
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Cyberlogic new logo design
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