Dear Skin

Avocado isn’t just delicious and nutritious; it’s also great for the skin!

Using organic avocado oil from Crete, EVERCRETE has created a range of natural cosmetics aimed mainly at women and young parents, to be sold at pharmacies and specialized stores in Greece and abroad.

Our task was to develop the brand strategy, name, visual identity, and packaging design that would communicate the benefits of avocado oil while expressing honesty and trust.

Realizing that consumers are often bombarded with advertising for similar products and wanted the packaging to stand out next to competing products without screaming for attention, we opted for a minimalistic packaging design with a white background symbolizing the innocence and honesty of the brand. In terms of printing, we use a silk screen on craft paper to show the purity and eco-friendliness of the products.

A single line was used to design the three variants (for general use, women and kids), illustrating indicative usage occasions of each product.

The result was a friendly looking design that pays homage to a time-tested mantra, ‘sometimes simple is best.’