Baking stories

There’s nothing quite like the taste of home.

Since 1998, the Tsatsakis family business, based in Greece, has been producing preservative-free baked goods with only the purest ingredients and olive oil.
With many fellow Greeks living abroad and increased demand for Cretan products worldwide, the company saw an opportunity to launch a new range of breadsticks, cookies, crisps, and croutons in foreign markets.

Most Greeks grew up eating these types of baked goods, and because of that, we developed the brand positioning of the new range around the idea of providing fellow Greeks living abroad and people interested in Greek cuisine with a mental journey to Greece through aromas and flavors.
It’s that feeling of opening a package of cookies or crisps, deeply inhaling the scent, and instantly being reminded of home. Based on typically Greek ingredients, a variety of recipes tell different yet familiar stories of Greece: Greek coffee with a cookie, ouzo with “meze,” Karagiozis from the traditional shadow theater.
The name “baking stories” was a natural consequence of this positioning.

For the packaging, we followed the same logic of portraying Greek moments, and we used a recognizable and characteristic illustration style that every Greek has had engraved in their memory through school.
If you’re Greek, you know what we’re talking about!

We designed the visual language to be colorful and to portray innocence and nostalgia, connoting the purity of ingredients and the variety of flavors found in Cretan products.

They say “home is where the heart is,” but a childhood snack in colorful packaging can go a long way!