D.TAILS is a Danish e-commerce consulting agency specialized in all things Shopify.

They wanted a complete visual identity containing logo and web design that needed to be unique and illustrative of their extensive e-commerce experience. 

Of the concepts we proposed, the chosen winner was “The Code.” Code is the backbone of everything we see online and on our screens, and we wanted the visual identity to reflect this essential element while positioning D.TAILS as experts in building the foundations of e-commerce success. Putting our ‘programmers’ hat on, we designed the logo and website to embody this fundamental element of the software that most of us use daily without stopping to think about it.

We created together with type designer Trine Rask, a custom typeface to make the website copy appear more code-like, which is also visible in the characteristics of the logo. 

To recreate the authentic feel, our custom font was inspired by fixed-width typography, where letters and characters each have the same horizontal space. Also known as monospaced fonts, they were initially developed for typewriters and later used in computers.  Despite the computer evolution, and the ability to now display a variety of fonts, most code text editors still use a monospaced font as the default typeface. Additionally to the characteristic format, we focused a lot on the glyphs, which are often seen in coding language. 

The result is a uniquely suited visual identity, logo, typeface, stationery, and website design that stand out and get right to business.