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The Ena Karo case

xmas, snail, christmas, tree

Wishing you are all somewhere warm and cozy for the upcoming holidays!
Have yourself a Merry Christmas and stay safe!
christmas ornaments

It’s that time of the year again!
Pleated Christmas Hearts, or Julehjerte as they are called in Danish, is a long tradition starting back in the late 1800s.
If you know us, you know that we love to honour both Scandinavian and Mediterranean traditions and this couldn’t be an exception.

paper installation coloured papers shaped cut

An insight into seeded paper, its use, and impact. 

With billions of tons of waste filling the earth’s landfills annually, the need for sensible consumption has become more real than ever. Alongside our consumption habits, the visible effects on the environment have driven the industry towards eco-friendly packaging alternatives. 


mermaid logo garbagge sea water

Here’s the logo we designed for the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) project that raises awareness and motivates students and tourism professionals to take action for the marine debris around the coastal area of Mylopotamos on Crete, Greece.

We take some time to promote such initiatives, value water and learn more on the global water crisis.