Yummy notes of Europe

Born of the timesaving portmanteau of ‘The Mediterranean’ and ‘eating,’ the MEDeat project is part of the E.U. Rural Development Programme (LEADER), whose aim is to promote the local gastronomic and wine history of European rural areas.
This project was a collaboration between 15 agencies across the 4 countries of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus.
And just like a map at first glance can look fractured with its boundaries and borders, we too had trouble coordinating our efforts initially. The huge scope of the project without a very clear brief or previous photographic material to work with, as well as language and distance, were all potential barriers.

It was when our team studied the stunning scenic routes between some of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus's finest local establishments, that we were united around the idea of a “Mediterranean safari” under the slogan “A yummy slice of Europe”.
Starting with the hand-designed text to create a rustic feel and the bold, lively illustrations of the maps, we visualized the gastronomy routes in a joyful, yet adventurous way and expanded this raw playfulness to the rest of the project, which you can see in the video and pictures below.

And in so few words, that was the outcome of this collaboration, the creation of a medium that allowed palate-forward explorers the opportunity to go on more than a visit to a rustic, local restaurant.
The MEDeat project is an adventure into the history, arts, aromas, fine foods, distinctive wines, beautiful vistas and rural hilltops of these countries.

Apart from the visual identity of the project and the maps of each area, we also helped into designing an IT app in collaboration with Forth, an exhibition stand, many brochures, the website, ads and posters.
But also a recipe notebook under the title, 'Yummy notes of Europe,' with recipes from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Portugal.
Following the Gastronomy and itinerary maps for the MEDeat project, the notebook’s design is based on the characteristic flavors of each region. The deep blue of the Mediterranean was used on the front and back covers, while on the inside various intense colors bring out all the warmth and light of each landscape through delicious recipes.

But for us, the best praise came from our client: “Medeat" was and remains one of our "stars" awarded projects that was fully designed by Lazy snail team. Based on our experience, working with Lazy snail is like making the best choice for branding.”

* Awards:
• 2nd place in the Non-Profit Organization Category in ITB BERLIN, the largest tourism trade fair in the world.
• Received the Innovation Award from the Greek Ministry of Rural Development in 2015 and became one of the best case studies among the transnational cooperation projects under E.U. Rural Development Programme (LEADER).