Siganos s.a.

Designed for Barkeepers!

SIGANOS SA was founded in 1971 in Crete and has since established itself as a company of liquor distribution and trading, both in the wholesale and retail sectors.

For the 2015 tourist season, the company wanted to create a catalog of the premium spirits it offers, targeted at bartending professionals.

Tracing each spirit to its country of origin and culture, we aimed to highlight each spirit’s unique character through the idea of cosmopolitanism; a tasting journey that may inform, as well as inspire bartenders to try new combinations.
Every spread in the catalog has an original composition and distinctive illustration, making each page stand out on its own, yet still coming together in one eye-catching catalog.

We hope that maybe there’s a bartender out there that can use this catalog to finally persuade 007 to drink something other than a Martini... :)