Remember Crete

Who could forget Crete?

From its stunning fine-sand beaches to the mesmerizing White Mountains, Crete leaves a mark on all who visit it. (We’re not just saying that because we have one of our offices here, although that may make us just the tiniest bit biased).

Greece’s largest island is a popular tourist destination, and the Evercrete Company decided to launch a range of local products such as olive oil, vinegar, and tsikoudia, to be placed in souvenir and gift shops.

We were asked to develop the brand Remember Crete, and we were given a unique starting point; a glass bottle in the shape of Crete, which would serve as the container of the products. We created a packaging that would highlight the bottle’s unique shape and make it safe for transport in visitors’ luggage (since nobody likes renegade tsikoudia in their suitcase), and at the same time provide enough space for our designs. To make visitors’ experiences on the island even more memorable, we chose to visualize some of the most famous landmarks of Crete, such as Knossos, Chania Lighthouse, and Samariá Gorge.

The full Remember Crete range consists of seven individual products and four gift boxes in the form of a book. Each book includes three products and provides additional information and illustrations for every Cretan landmark.

A unique souvenir in a memorable package.

Now, who could forget that?