The Paralos Hotels

Paralos Hospitality is a management company that operates four hotels located in Greece.
With the goal of expanding in the next few years, Paralos Hospitality required a unifying visual identity covering all aspects of their many services. 

The logo design was based on the initial greek letter π of the name Paralos merged visually with the idea of the ancient ship with the same name -a messenger trireme of the Athenian navy during the late 5th century BC.

We wanted a minimal identity that would resonate with the hotels’ everlasting aesthetics and allow for slight modifications to cover each need. Sharp yet organic, the logo together with the hotels’ monograms act as the protagonists here. To embrace all, the Paralos Hospitality management identity follows the same visual principles with a classic navy blue as its main color. 

The hotels are divided into four categories and each category comes with its distinctive color palette. 
We completed the design with clean-cut, sharp typography.

Created applications that included stationery, icons, signs, promotional material as well as the art direction of the company’s and all hotel’s web appearance in collaboration with Eyewide.