• OMU illustration details on orange background
    OMU illustration details OMU illustration details on orange background


Every so often a project comes along that just gets us right in the feels. OMU was such a project.

The OMU NGO stands for togetherness and paving the way for a more caring cosmos, so when they asked us to help them to present their identity to the world, we followed the lead of their mission statement:

“No single topic concerning people, animals or the environment can be disassociated from the rest.”

As OMU means ‘together’ in Ancient Greek, we wanted the logo to have a holistic feel to it, while expressing OMU’s values of unity, fellowship, and contribution as a way of approaching the ever-changing issues that our society faces. As you can see, the logo design consists of two hands holding each other in a circle, embracing the earth with respect for all its inhabitants. Its formation resembles a puzzle; all its pieces, people, animals, and environment, complete one another and exist as a whole. Starting from the individual parts of the logo, we created a bank of graphics that create a harmonious pattern of elements applied in OMU’s corporate identity.

It was our pleasure to take on this project pro bono and contributing to OMU’s mission made the Lazy snails all feel that we’re part of something bigger.

OMU logo design
OMU business cards
OMU stationery, part of the visual identity
OMU illustration details on orange background
OMU tote bag
OMU poster design