Olive Oil Cooperative of Viannos (Bienna)

Here's the story of one of our best-received works, the packaging design for Bienna, the olive oil cooperative of Viannos.

Viannos is a village on the mountainous southern part of Crete- known for its ancient olive trees and its excellent quality PDO olive oil.
Having a long tradition in olive oil making, 65 producers came together to form an institution and sell the olive oil that they themselves consume daily. Individuals of every age joined our meeting in search of a minimal packaging design. Shepherds, lawyers, doctors, farmers- all part of this diverse group that builds around love for the land and its produce.

The olive oil industry is extended in Greece and the product is famous around the world. Finding a concept that stands out among all this competition is not easy and the limited budget available for this project made it quite a challenge.
Wanting to honour the history of this collaborative effort, we came up with a family tree that contains all current members as well as their ancestors. We chose this simple intrinsic design to address the heritage that is passed on among generations.
Black and white fully serves the minimal concept of this design and highlights the purity of the cooperative’s production process. The choice of those two primary colors allows for inverted colour packaging applications as well.

Thinking about the generous amount of olive oil that Cretans put in every recipe, the containers come in various sizes, both in cans and glass bottles.

Viannos is the story of a village of oil producers coming together to produce and export the oil they consume daily. “Eat as our families have for generations” is the message it tells.

* Awards:
• The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements, 1st place in Dairy, Spices, Oils, Sauces & Condiments
• Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015
• Nominee in the German Design Awards 2015