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Learner Computer Interaction

LCI is a scientific lab team connected to the NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, that combines input and perspectives from multiple scientific disciplines to develop new ways for humans to use interactive learning systems.

Sounds complicated! 
So when they asked us for a logo, visual identity, and web design, we knew that keeping it simple was the right approach. 

Since they combine several perspectives in their work, we thought it would a good idea to create multiple perception levels of the logo: a face, a human in front of the computer, a sensor, and the letter 'i' for "interaction". The vertical orientation of the brand name makes the logo look fresher and more dynamic. 
To connect the LCI logo with the NTNU, we chose colors sharing the same blue tone, while the yellow detail connotes innovation and the technological aspect of the project. To craft their visual identity and to display the cutting edge character of the scientific group, we combined the structural elements of the logo as well as the colored photos that describe the LCI’s research process. 
The result is a simple yet powerful logo accompanied by a web design that communicates complex ideas for an innovative science lab team, through a robust, simple, and characteristic visual language - minimalism with a little twist.

Logo design explained
LCI stationery business cards, letterhead
LCI Visual identity
LCI Poster design
LCI logo design applied on a coffee mug
LCI Brochure design, presenting both sides
LCI web design, Landing page
LCI web design, Landing page
LCI web design, Landing page
LCI web design, Landing page