Leader 2016

Every so often we come across a project that hits closer to home.
Working on the book ‘Inspired by development’ for The Heraklion Development Agency is one of those projects.

The ‘LEADER’ program has been supporting development initiatives in rural areas throughout Crete for several decades. The Heraklion Development Agency publishes a book every few years to document the process and asked us to do the book design, illustration, and photography for the period 2010-2015.

The book consists of 205 pages, including texts and photographs of the funded projects, that were mostly shot on location.
The illustrations we used for every chapter were designed to be relevant to the scenery of the rural areas and to balance out the informative character of the book. This edition is the follow-up of the book we designed to document the results of the previous period of the program (2000-2008). To create the sense of a publication series, we built upon the layout, design, and color palette of the first edition.

We followed the same logic with the Leader webpage.