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Exploration Children's Museum

We created the visual identity for the Exploration Children's Museum, a non-profit organization located in Greece.

The organization creates experiential programs for children, to motivate them to play, grow and learn.
Aiming to provide transformational experiences, the museum provides many and diverse services. We decided that the design should consist of a core form that would spawn several subversions, resulting in a much more playful identity.

Play, explore, discover -the three core values of the museum’s philosophy are depicted in three basic shapes, a triangle, a rhombus, and a circle.

We created three sub-logos, one for each of the educational programs: walking tours, family programs, school programs.
Clean forms and bright colors provide a variety of combinations and create a bold visual character.

​An ongoing collaboration with a museum always brings fresh, exciting challenges as time goes by.

For the Fall 2021 season, we went on and created all materials for the museum’s new educational programme, Βιβλίο: Τα φύλλα που μιλάνε.
Honouring the significance of books throughout history, this programme required several booklets that, when unfolded, can also be assembled as a board game. Each booklet includes informational cards in the three characteristic shapes of the logo: square, triangle and semicircle.

Posters and an instructional leaflet for educators were also created at this stage.

  • play, triangle, fuchsia, colour
    play  play, triangle, fuchsia, colour
  • explore, rhombus, cyan, colour
    explore explore, rhombus, cyan, colour
  • discover, circle, yellow, colour
    discover discover, circle, yellow, colour
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