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Science never ceases to amaze us. Beer never ceases to please us.
And then there is the combination of those two! 

With attention to the details and out-of-the-box thinking, this new project brings a sustainable, fresh perspective on beer production and gets us excited for what’s coming up in the future!

EvodiaBio, based in Copenhagen, Denmark is a bio-industrial company creating natural, sustainable aromas and flavours.

Using disruptive yeast-based technology, the company focuses on supplying the food and beverage industry with aromas that elevate the tasting experience. They have recently kickstarted their product line with hop aromas for the brewing industry, giving non-alcoholic beer a whole new life. Given that traditional hop farming consumes large amounts of water and has a high CO2 footprint, EvodiaBio is not only enhancing non-alchoholic beer but uses science to do so in a sustainable way. Evodia recently received funding support from the Bio Innovation Institute, a Novo Nordisk Foundation Initiative.

Evodia is the Greek word for aroma or fragrance.
We wanted a strong logo that mirrors the ethereal nature of a fragrance while honouring the solid scientific background of this innovative enterprise. We went for a bold curve that resembles both the form of the DNA helix and the graphic illustration of the sense of smell. We created custom iconography that matches the brand’s needs and visually narrates every step of the production process as well as the products’ special characteristics and properties.
Applications of this identity include website design, promotional material and stationery. 
We chose a colour palette of blueish purple and green hues.

Learn more about EvodiaBio here

  • aroma, smell, Ancient Greece, statue, taste
    Evodia is the Greek word for aroma or fragrance. aroma, smell, Ancient Greece, statue, taste
  • nature, leaf, hop, icon, photo
    Mirrors the ethereal nature of a fragrance. nature, leaf, hop, icon, photo
  • helix, science, DNA, photo
    A bold curve that resembles both the form of the DNA helix. helix, science, DNA, photo
  • letter E, epsilon
    The Greek letter E, Epsilon. letter E, epsilon
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iconography, icons, pictograms, purple colour
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