• logo design, green, white
    Eirini Markaki’s pharmaceutical warehouse logo design, green, white

Eirini Markaki’s pharmaceutical warehouse

With thirty years of experience, Eirini Markaki’s pharmaceutical warehouse is supplying pharmacies all around Crete.
We redesigned the brand’s logo and overall visual identity.

We wanted the design to be modern and stand out without completely cutting visual ties with the  established brand. The challenge in this case lies in maintaining the balance between refreshing and preserving the identity visually.
Since the owner’s name has been the brand’s cornerstone throughout the years, we explored different logo versions based on typography and came up with a creative solution that revisits vintage pharmacy labels in a modern and playful way. 
Additionally, we drew inspiration from the Bowl of Hygeia, the symbol of pharmacy, which traditionally appeared twined by a snake.

We navigated the brand’s needs to come up with custom designs that match its needs. The product catalog, changing seasonally, is a significant tool of interaction between the brand and its collaborators and we wanted it to be practical while in sync with the new identity. We also went on to curate the brand’s website content, its texts and general appearance. The applications for this identity included stationery, signage, packaging, work outfits, etc.  

We kept our colour palette minimal, using the classic black and white with a pop of green for the logo. Some of the applications come in two colour combinations that match the colors used in the previous identity: red and green.

catalog design, cover
catalog design, spreads
catalog design, spreads
packaging, plastic bags,
T-shirt design
packaging, boxes