Eco-trekkers game

We designed the Eco Trekkers board game for kids, but we had a lot of fun designing it!
In 2013 Greece and Cyprus created the Eco Trekkers project to form a Trekking Network through the nature and culture of Crete, Cyprus, and Lesvos.

We designed the visual identity and maps for the project as well as the board game for kids. The game was given to the Primary schools in the areas of the Ecotrekkers network to teach children ages six and up about the natural environment of Crete, Cyprus and Lesvos.

The board & ground game (4m x 6m) consists of an illustrated board, a rule book, dice made of fabric, question cards, and headbands, and is designed with drawings, colors, and questions. There are three question categories, each with its color and icon: Knowledge (blue book), linguistic (yellow pencil) and action (red star).

Museum educator Stella Malliaraki provided the educational content.