"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

The CoM'n'Play-Science project is a research initiative which aims to understand better how informal science learning takes place across Europe, through various after-school activities and such as science centers, fabrication labs, and coding labs.
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology asked us to design a logo and website which would appeal to youngsters with love for science and technology.

To keep it playful, we designed the logo as a friendly looking robot, to connote technology, science, and innovation. The robot's body is akin to a LEGO brick connoting playfulness, creativity, and experimentation.
The resulting logo is familiar and friendly while simultaneously symbolizing the fun and innovative world of science.

The website's design is contemporary and minimalistic, with an emphasis on a clear content structure, functionality, and smooth user experience. To balance out the more "academic" character of the website, we made use of various playful illustrations, pictograms, and photographs.

In the end, we wanted the website and logo to be an invitation; come and play with science here!