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Choco wafer

Good packaging design isn't always just about the products that make it all the way to the shelves.
We believe in showcasing some of that good work that got sidelined every now and then during the making process.

Such is the case of this chocolate wafer.

Since this is based on an actual client project the name of the original product is changed in order to showcase our work. “Mojo” has a similar vibe to the original, plus it worked equally well with our original package designs.
Mojo stands for good luck, charm or skill that comes from something magical or supernatural.
Targeting mostly young people, this product allowed us to explore some out of the box ideas.
Here are two of them.

One surreal and bizarre that consists of funny monsters- as we liked to call them-  and one more with cats. Because -come on- everyone knows, cats are always a good idea.

The offbeat “Funny monsters” approach was born during a very carefree creative session in which everyone agreed that the muse has spoken. Somehow, it just worked. We started off using the wafer as the main design building block and the whimsical part came along on its own.

Cats are full of surprises. Always alert, they display their unexpected manners unapolologetically. A cat's mood can swing back and forth between an absolute cuteness ambassador and a blood thirsty predator within seconds. We loved that they could fill the shoes of every conceivable character we could think of.
Mojo choco wafer proposals with cat illustrations in two flavours
Choco wafer proposals with cat illustrations
The Mojo cats chocolate wafer packaging design proposals