Buketo wine


The art of making wine requires effort, patience and expertise- it’s the focus on detail that makes this product unique.
Taking a closer look on every stage, from grape selection to maturation and fermentation processes is a key element in designing a wine’s visual identity. Following all production rituals navigates us through the product’s core philosophy and guides us towards building a suitable conceptual representation.

The Bukéto wine series is produced in the northern part of Greece. Imported and distributed to the USA, Canada and UK by the wine import company, Cava Spiliadis, the brand communicates a fresh and stylish philosophy and aims to attract open minded wine seekers worldwide.

Buketo means a bouquet in Greek. When it comes to wine, a bouquet is the term used to describe the wine’s aromas, fragrance, scents -- and not unfairly.
Wine is created through the cautious harvesting of grapes that fuse together and form a distinctive harmonic blend. It is this delicate selection that produces the special tasting experience coming with each bottle.

We wanted the bottles to  epitomize a minimalistic and modern visual identity.
Using that as our starting point, we designed contrasting compositions of fine lines vs. blocks of color and sharp edges vs curves. This arrangement of elements also served for a balanced composition of the two bottles. In that way, red and white wine bottles, when come together, create a richer bouquet. 

For the series’ logo we decided to go with the literal depiction of a flower bouquet. We maintained the geometric nature of the overall design and formed the bouquet with three flowers as a direct analogy to the wine’s three constituting grape varieties. 

Knowing that the design enhanced the brand’s sales, brings back a sense a fulfilment and an urge to make a toast: To future Bukéto series and designs!