• water, illustration, fruit, island, flavours
    Danone Blue z-ro illustration water, illustration, fruit, island, flavours

B'lue Z-Ro | Danone Universal Robina Beverages Inc.

B’lue Z-Ro is a water-based drink created and distributed by Danone Universal Robina Beverages in the Philippines.
The product is a new addition to the company’s main water brand, B’lue. We designed the product’s visual identity.
B'lue Z-Ro is a calorie-free and sugar-free flavoured water-based drink. The product was created for those who aim at a healthier lifestyle- people who want to hydrate and enjoy water-based drinks without sugar.

Amongst our design proposals the winner concept was that of “The island”. Our central idea was to create an island of flavour in the big blue- a perfect match to the Philippines’ geography that is the world’s fifth largest island country. In this way, we kept the water as the main element of the design and created island illustrations for each flavour allowing the identity to be further developed for future additions.

B’lue Z-Ro is distributed across the Philippines in 330ml bottles in 2 flavours: apple & cucumber and pineapple & yogurt.