Sometimes that which is common can perfectly illustrate something unique.
The Blackbird is one of the most common birds in Europe, yet as part of the Kanellos Oil Mill packaging design it stands out from the crowd.

Kanellos oil mill is a three-generation family business on the island of Lesbos, Greece. The family decided to bottle their own olive oil made from a combination of local varieties, Kolovi and Adramytini, that give this oil its characteristic golden color and spicy notes of tomato, almond, and aromatic herbs.

Our inspiration for the name of the new brand originated from the olive grove in Lesbos, which is home to many birds, like the Blackbird that feeds on the olives during winter months. Together with the logo, the olive tree leaves on the bottle come together to form a blackbird. We kept the color palette elegant and minimalistic: just black and white, with a touch of orange for the Blackbird’s beak.