Arvi Banana Festival

Our local Cretan banana festival takes place in Arvi every August and we had the pleasure of designing its visual communication this year.
Deliverables included the festival logo, illustrations, print material, stands and social media content. The huge banners, hanging on the highway bridges around Crete, the paper coasters and the festival flag garlands made that festive vibe even stronger.

Not only are we big fans of this delicious local product, we are also really proud of it. There aren't many places around the world that get to enjoy bananas with a next to zero carbon footprint in the process. Since bananas already have such a strong identity as a product on a global scale, we thought it would be great to mix it with the not-so widely spread, but equally strong Cretan culture.

Traditional figures and local cultural references designed with big clean shapes and exaggerated forms, and a bold, festive palette, befitting the bright yellow of our main star. 

Weather-beaten faces by the Cretan sea and sun. Strong, loud and proud Cretan musicians and warm-hearted grannies sitting outside in small groups, preparing food. Typical figures of the rural part of this beautiful island and part of its unmistakable identity, they became part of the festival’s identity as well.
Banana festival poster design
Banana festival visual identity
Banana festival poster design
Banana festival brochure stand custom design
Banana festival poster design
Banana festival