ANOBIUM: the common chair criminal

Jam Art Company is a professional dance group, created by choreographer Konstantinos Tsakirelis in 2008.

Since its inception, we’ve been visually supporting the group.

“ANOBIUM: the common chair criminal” (Ανοβιο in Greek) is one of the many dance theatre performances we’ve worked on together.

The performance is a commentary laced with satire on the abolition of democracy through oppression. Anobium, a critter also known as the common furniture beetle comes into play while it slowly eats the wood of the chair that symbolizes the power that dictators seek so hungrily.

We used colors often associated with films or documentaries about the second world war, and the illustrations focus on details known throughout history about those dictators. The monkey’s face on the chair is a comment on the primal thinking in the lust for power.
In the pictures, you can see the performers coming together to portray anobium and the dictators that appear during the performance.

The performance, brilliant and occasionally amusing leaves the audience with a cautionary word about freedom and the lack thereof.