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    ​Asterousia, the southernmost mountainous area of Europe. logo design


Man And Biosphere is UNESCO’s intergovernmental scientific programme that aims to enhance the relationship between people and their environments.
Asterousia, the southernmost mountainous area of Europe, is now part of the programme’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

We took on the task of creating the identity for this initiative.

Asterousia is a richly biodiverse region that contains 367km2 of land and an extended coastal and sea zone. Characteristic is the fact that 50% of all animal and plant species found on the island of Crete, are also found here.

We wanted to create a logo that would encapsulate all those elements and honor the unique balance of this place. With clean lines and sharp shapes we designed a logo that directly refers to the appearance of a stamp. The logo circles all elements--land, sea and air-- and can be broken down in three sub-logos for each one. We used colors that match the natural palette with blue, green and yellow tones. 

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