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    We are looking for a graphic designer  graphic designer job ad

Looking for a Graphic Designer | We are hiring!

Hej out there!
We are looking for a graphic designer to blend in with our team at our office in Heraklion, Crete, one of the sunniest islands in Europe.

Could it be you? 

We would love to hear that
• You have 1+ years of experience in graphic design  
• You speak and write English fluently
• You’re someone who loves to bring in your creative thinking
• You have an eye for detail
• You feel at home with Adobe 
• You have an amazing portfolio of recent projects to show us

It would be great if
• You are familiar with Figma
• You are good with Social Media platforms
• You have experience in motion and/or animation design

What should you know about us?
Being already an international tight-knit team, we are eager to welcome new people beyond any kind of boundaries. We believe that sharing ideas is the way to bring the best out of us and that the outcome of every project is a result of true team effort at the end of the day. Apart from fine design, sustainability is on the top of our list guiding us throughout all aspects of production stage. Also, we listen a lot of jazz, hope you’re a fan :) 

You may send us your cv and portfolio at info@lazysnail.design and we will reply to all the questions you might have. 

Deadline for applications: September 30, 2022.