Lazy snail in Denmark | new office

We are pleased to announce the opening of Lazy snail ApS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lazy snail has always been extrovert: over the years, we have taken on many transnational projects and created brands exclusively for export markets. Furthermore, in 2008, Danish photographer Jannik Weylandt joined the team, bringing along his Scandinavian culture.

The reasons for opening new offices in Copenhagen are not only personal but symbolic as well. Copenhagen has been setting trends in design for over a century, representing the minimalist style, as opposed to the richness we sometimes see in the Mediterranean graphic design. Our presence in both Denmark and Greece, two very different markets and cultures, ensures that our work speaks in many languages and can be effective irrespective of geographical location.

Ioanna Drakaki and Jannik Weylandt will be heading the Danish office, while Christina Apostolidi will be in charge of the Greek branch.