A design award | candiasoil | packaging

Oi1 For Candiasoil Olive Oil Packaging Design by lazy snail is Golden A' Design Award Winner in Packaging Design Category, 2011 - 2012.
The goal:
We aimed at creating an exclusive design of simple elements. For the Oi1 organic, we wanted to underline the health and nutritional aspects of the oil by choosing a bottle that reflects earlier designs of medical bottles as well as for the conservation properties of the dark brown glass. For the Oi1 Premium the choice of the clear Dorica bottle in a cylindrical container that offers the opportunity for the consumer to examine the color of the oil as well as keeping the olive oil protected from damaging light.

Project start:
October 2010, delivery February 2011 (work included: company and product name, full corporate identity, packaging design & web design). First product appearance: BioFach World Organic Trade Fair, Nuremberg, Germany, February 2011. The products can be found in prestigious food halls (eg Fortnum and Mason's), specialty and health stores, in a number of countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, and USA.

To see the packaging design click here.